Sxedia Polis

sxediapolis700x500An environmental dance event. With slow improvised movement in a variety of group configurations the dancers took over selected, often landmark public spaces, mostly without prior announcement, temporarily creating new and revealing perspectives on a shared European heritage of urban living. At the same time Sxedia Polis explores the relationships between dance, sculpture and architecture.

It first took place in October 1996 in the area in front of the National Gallery building in Athens and later over a period of two weeks, in the streets and public spaces of the city with the participation of 35 dancers. In London it took place in June 1998 with the participation of 110 dancers, over seven days, as part of the Greece in Britain Festival. In Saint Petersburg it took place in 2001.

Διδασκαλία: Anastasia Lyra
Παραγωγή - Διοργάνωση: Sxedia Dance Company

Sxedia Polis - London

Photos: Takis Anagnostopoulos

... From these photos I can visualize the kind of dramatic impression the choreography of Sxedia Polis and its numerous young dancers made n central London. The setting this time was the city streets, squares, porticoes of beautiful buildings, monuments, street lamps and spectators. Far from being leisurely visitors to an art exhibition, the spectators this time were hurried, pedestrians lost in thought. Suddenly, living sculptures planted in curious positions, along with the strange tempo of their movement, startled and even arrested passers-by. Their futile rush was abruptly halted while their mood and expression altered just as unexpectedly. Again the photos speak loudly of the sensations produced by Anastasia Lyra's Sxedia Polis
in a multifarious London public. More.

Marina Lambraki-Plaka


... The key feature is slow, fluid motion. While positions slowly shift, the present dominates whereas the before and after are difficult to perceive. This present wavers imperceptibly between the past and future in such a way that a passing observer has the impression that the bodies are immobile, standing still in time.

... an attempt was made to describe the artistic conception of the choreographer and to approach the concept through its incarnation. Such are the limitations of a verbal description while the beauty of the incarnations is plainly visible in the photographs. More.


Yiannis Economou


Covent Garden s Piazza, Trafalgar Sqaure and Embankment Gardens are just three of the London s many key tourist sites, landmarks and parks which will be overtaken for a week from Monday, 15 June 1998 for a large scale environmental dance event involving over 100 dancers. More.

WhatsOnStage (06/1998)


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